How to Change a Krug-Baumen Watch Battery

A Krug-Baumen is a London-made luxury watch. Taking care of your Krug-Baumen is easy if you have the proper tools. Use only those batteries recommended by your Krug-Baumen manual, and if at all possible have the battery changed by a jeweller. Otherwise, exercise caution in opening the watch and replacing your battery.

Place your Krug-Baumen on a steady surface. Turn it over and using your case knife or a miniature flathead screwdriver, pry open the case.

Use a plastic set of tweezers to remove the battery. Using metal tweezers will damage the inside of the battery. Do not use your fingers if at all possible due to the delicate nature of the watch's clockwork.

Take note of which side the battery was installed. If the positive side is down on your model, then you will have to replace the battery with the positive side down or vice-versa.

Replace the battery. Press down gently to assure it has good contact and replace the casing by gently pressing down until you hear a soft click.

Snap the watch back into place and adjust the time accordingly. Your battery should be good for the next year.

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