Simple instructions to crochet a baby blanket

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A cosy and warm baby blanket can be crocheted in no time when an uncomplicated single crochet stitch is used throughout the blanket pattern. Very little counting and pattern checking is needed for a one-stitch pattern and by using organic cotton yarn, the finished blanket will be allergen-free.

Knowledge of basic crochet stitches is required to make a simple 3-foot-square baby blanket, which could be embellished with an optional shell-stitch crochet edging.

Chain the yarn, using the crochet hook, until the chain measures 3 feet long.

Single crochet in each chain for the first row. Chain one and turn.

Single crochet in each single crochet for the second and every subsequent row until the blanket measures 3 feet long. Make one turning chain at the end of each row.

Chain three to begin the optional shell-stitch edging.

Single crochet three times in every third stitch around one blanket side edge. Single crochet seven times at each corner. Repeat around the entire blanket edge. Cut the yarn, leaving a 4-inch tail. Pull the yarn through the last loop to secure.

Thread the yarn end in the tapestry needle and weave the end through the completed crocheting.