How to make a 42-year-old man look younger

Every culture has its own standards for beauty and attractiveness. Men who are in their early 40s often feel the desire to look younger, whether it's to advance their careers, boost their self-esteem or lure prospective mates. Plastic surgery is always an option, but it involves a certain level of risk and cost. A number of simpler remedies are available that will take years off a 42-year-old man's appearance.

Protect your skin. A 42-year-old man will not do himself any favours by spending a lot of time in the sun. Age spots and wrinkles can result from prolonged sun exposure, so limit your time outdoors. If you live in a sunny climate, wear sunscreen even on cloudy days. Moisturise your skin in the morning and at night. Also, drink six to eight cups of water every day to keep your skin hydrated.

Get a haircut. A simple trip to the barber can make a 42-year old man appear much younger. Short hair has the ability to give a man a "baby face," which can take years off his looks. However, don't just worry about the hair on your head. Also trim any unwanted hair that might sprout in odd places, such as your nose and ears.

Find some fashion. Men in their early 40s must be aware that fashion is constantly changing. So instead of latching onto a fad that might soon fade, invest in timeless clothes that look hip and fresh. When going out for the night, wear a simple blazer with a button-down shirt and dark jeans. Avoid baggy and stained clothing during the day. Instead, opt for a plain V-neck T-shirt or sweater. Loud patterns and obnoxious tennis shoes will make you appear desperate and actually draw attention to your age, so don't add these to your wardrobe.

Exercise. In 2008, British researches concluded that taking up regular exercise can make you up to nine years younger and decrease the risk of heart attacks, cancer and various other degenerative diseases, "The Times" in Great Britain reports. Obviously, the sicker you are, the older you appear. So to wind back the clock on your looks, engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Options include weight training, yoga, swimming, hiking, biking or any other cardiovascular and strength training combination.

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