How to Reset Pioneer Receivers

Having a dedicated receiver in your audio-visual arsenal can greatly enhance your home-entertainment experience. As long as it's working correctly. Sometimes, programming functions can become so bogged down that your receiver won't work at all --- or with limited capability.

Many times, though, resetting your Pioneer receiver to its factory default settings can be the solution. You'll just have to program your channels and other functions again.

Disconnect any auxiliary devices like an MP3 player.

Turn on your Pioneer receiver, the button typically marked "On/Standby" or with a power icon.

Hold down your receiver's "Enter" button and the "On/Standby" button simultaneously until "Reset" and "No" appears on your display.

Make the display say "Reset" and "Yes" by pressing your "Preset" arrow buttons. Press "Enter" on your front panel and your settings will be reset.

Check the User's Manual to see what settings have been defaulted. Often, no reprogramming will be needed. Other times, you will have to reset your personal settings.