How to Make a Clear Plastic Tube

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Clear plastic tubes are used in a variety of projects. They are particularly useful when preparing a science fair project or when making crafts like ornaments or school supplies. A large plastic tube can be decorated and sealed off at one end to create a pencil cup. A smaller tube might be used to move liquids from one beaker to another for a science project. A clear plastic tube is not difficult to make and can be part of fun family projects.

Coat the bottle's label in cooking oil and let sit for 24 hours.

Peel off label. If the label does not peel off easily, repeat step one.

If the bottle remains sticky once the label is removed, coat the sticky area with cooking oil and let sit overnight.

Wipe off leftover glue and label remnants and wash bottle in soap and water to remove oil.

Use scissors or box cutter to cut the top and bottom off of the plastic bottle to create a clear plastic tube.

If you need a narrower tube, cut through the length of the bottle.

Trim away excess plastic and roll the rest into the tube size that you would like.

Hold edges together and heat with heat gun. This will melt the plastic edges together, securing the tube.

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