How to Replace a BMW Z3 Instrument Panel Bulb

The BMW Z3 is a roadster produced by BMW from 1996 to 2002. The Z3 contains three light bulbs on its instrument panel. This is to help the driver see the gauges and indicator lights in darkened conditions. If the bulbs were to burn out, the driver should replace them immediately for safety reasons.

The BMW Z3 uses small 12V bulbs. These bulbs can be purchased for relatively low prices at nearly all automotive stores.

Turn the Z3's engine off and raise up the bonnet. Using the socket wrench, carefully remove the black terminal off the battery.

Remove the four screws from the instrument panel with a Torx-head screwdriver. Grip the edges of the instrument panel with your fingers and pull it out of the Z3 until you can access the underside of the instrument panel. Disconnect the three wiring connectors at the back of the instrument panel.

Pull the Z3's instrument panel out of the Z3 completely. Flip the instrument panel over and locate the burnt bulbs on the underside of the Z3's instrument panel.

Pull the Z3's burnt bulbs off the instrument panel and use a clean cloth to install the new bulbs. You may need to use light force to push them in.

Reassemble the Z3's instrument panel and reconnect the Z3's battery.