How to find a senior pen pal

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The evolution of communication over the past decade is astounding. Phone calls and e-mails have given way to instant messaging, Twitter and Facebook. The delay in communication is nonexistent -- in fact, communication is hitting us from all sides.

There is, however, a demographic that still uses good old-fashioned letters to stay in touch with friends and loved ones -- senior citizens. Although some senior citizens are climbing aboard the Web 2.0 revolution, others are sticking with their tried-and-true methods, which is why, ironically, the Internet abounds with sites connecting senior pen pals.

Go to Friendship By Mail, a website that allows you to submit ads for pen pals, and order their paper, "Inky Trail News." You can't find a senior pen pal on the site itself. Considering the point of penning a pal is the offline experience, this makes a lot of sense; it's a throwback to the age of handwritten letters and reading printed newspapers.

Go to's e-newsletter. Each edition of the e-newsletter contains ads for senior pen pals, and the newsletter is free. You can also submit an ad to find a senior pen pal with common interests and hobbies.

Post an ad in the "Community" section of craigslist, which is a comprehensive community site that offers ads for housing, personals, jobs and services around the globe. Navigate to the state or country to which you want to write (you will find this on the right-hand side of the page), click on your city of choice and then post your ad.