How to Put an LG Washer in Demo Mode

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LG is an electronics company that produces innovative products including TV, audio and video products, appliances, mobile phones and computer products. LG interfaces are stylish, easy to use and have advanced features such as the DEMO mode for two of the LG washing machines as of December 2010. The machines that feature the DEMO mode are the WM3885H_CA and the WM3875H_CA. The DEMO mode is used by sales people to demonstrate the washing machine features and capabilities in the store. It also can be used by private individuals if ever you decide to sell your washing machine.

Turn off the washing machine and empty it if needed.

Press down both the SPIN SPEED and SOIL LEVEL buttons at the same time.

Push the Power button while holding the SPIN SPEED and SOIL LEVEL buttons. Release the three buttons after you hear the buzzer ring twice.

Select the START/PAUSE button to enter DEMO mode. If you press the STEAM button before selecting the START/PAUSE button, the machine will enter TEST mode rather then DEMO mode.

Continue pressing the START/PAUSE button to cycle through the different functions. For example, after the second press, the machine will tumble clockwise, on the third press the washer will begin a low speed spin and after the forth press the high speed spin will kick in. The washer can DEMO 14 different functions. For a complete list of the functions, refer to the LG Washing Machine Service Manual for models WM3885H_CA & WM3875H_CA.

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