Directions for Wire Wrapping Sea Glass

sea glass image by Patrick Moyer from

Sea glass has distinctive, shapes, colours and textures that make it a desirable component in jewellery and craft designs. Many pieces of sea glass have curved edges which can make incorporating them into necklaces, bracelets and other crafts challenging.

One way to attach sea glass is to drill small holes through the glass to fit jump rings or stringing material. Without the proper tools, drilling holes through the small sections of glass is also challenging. Use a simple wire wrapping technique to create a necklace pendant or bracelet charms from your favourite pieces of sea glass.

Unroll a 1-foot long section of 20 to 24-gauge craft wire from the spool, but do not cut it. Base the wire gauge on the size of your sea glass piece; 24-gauge wire is thinner than 20-gauge wire and will work better to hold smaller pieces of sea glass. You can cut the wire prior to wrapping it around a piece of sea glass, but you run the risk of cutting too little or too much and wasting the wire. If you leave the wire attached to the spool, you can unroll more as needed and avoid waste.

Hold the tip end of the wire with the head of the round-nose jewellery pliers. Twist the pliers to make a small loop in the wire. Hold the loop with the head of the flat-nose jewellery pliers. Twist the wire around the loop to form a flat spiral. Make a spiral just large enough to fit on one small area of the sea glass.

Hold the spiral flush against the sea glass with your non-dominant hand. Wrap the wire around the sea glass with your dominant hand. Make as many wraps as you like, but end with the wire on the opposite side of the sea glass than the first flat spiral.

Cut the wire from the spool 2 to 4 inches from the end of the last wrap. Leave only enough wire to make another flat spiral.

Repeat Step 2 to make another flat spiral. Press the wire spiral flush against the sea glass.