How to Jump Start a R1200GS

The BMW R1200GS is a full-size, enduro touring motorcycle with a high-output performance engine. Jump starting this bike is similar to jump starting a car. The battery is located under the seat in a small compartment. Along the edge of the seat are bolts that secure the seat to the frame of the bike.

Jump starting this motorcycle can be done any place that you have the tools and a vehicle with an operational battery.

Put the vehicle with the operational battery next to your R1200GS and turn it off.

Remove the seat bolts of the R1200GS using the ratchet set.

Remove the seat from the R1200GS and set it aside.

Connect a red-handled (positive) jump lead clamp to the positve output on the operational battery, then connect the other red-handled clamp to the positive output on the R1200GS' battery.

Connect a black-handled (negative) clamp to the negative output on the operational battery.

Connect the other black-handled clamp to the metal frame of the R1200GS. Do not connect it to the R1200GS' negative battery output.

Start the engine of the vehicle with the operational battery. Wait five minutes, then start the engine of the R1200GS.

Remove the negative clamp from the R1200GS, then the negative clamp from the other vehicle's battery. Remove the positive clamps from both vehicles.

Recover the seat on the R1200GS.