How to Convert a TCX to an XLS

TCX is a type of XML file containing fitness data, such as lap time, calories, sport, distance and other data. TCX files are used to transfer this fitness data to Garmin products, such as a Garmin GPS device and Garmin Training Center. An XLS file is a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel that stores data.

People often use XLS files to create graphs or charts or to edit data from the spreadsheet. You can convert a TCX to an XLS to open and view the content of the TCX file in spreadsheet form.

Visit the Zamzar website.

Click "Choose File" under the "Convert Files" tab to load a TCX file and click "Open."

Click the Zamzar drop-down arrow and scroll down this list until you see "Doc formats." Click "xls" as the format.

Type an e-mail address to receive the XLS file.

Read Zamzar's Terms of Service and then click "Convert" to convert a TCX to an XLS.

Visit the ConvertFiles website.

Click "Browse" by "Choose a Local File" to upload a TCX file, and then click "Open" when you are finished.

Click "Output Format" and then select "MS Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls)."

Click "Convert" to begin converting a TCX file to an XLS file.