What to Look for in Fake Cigarettes

Image by Fotolia.com, courtesy of Isabelle Barthe

The manufacture and distribution of counterfeit cigarettes has become a huge business, and they are flooding the market worldwide. Fake cigarettes are often difficult to spot, but it's important to do so, as they are more damaging and dangerous to your health than the genuine ones.


Be wary of purchasing cigarettes at big discounts. You may think cigarettes that go for much less than retail prices are cheap because they're imported or duty-free, but in fact they are most likely counterfeits.


Fake cigarettes often have an unusual smell or taste that regular users can distinguish. This is because counterfeits have more nicotine and tar than regular cigarettes and may even contain sand and plastic.

Health Labels

Fake cigarettes often carry no health warning labels or have foreign safety labels.


Counterfeiters imitate well known brand cigarettes, but the logo on the box may be altered from the original.


The packaging is likely to be low quality, with labels and other small print on the box having misspelled words and other mistakes.