Silverline Worktop Jig Instructions

Silverline manufactures an assortment of building tools from hammers to power tools. The Silverline Worktop Jig is a piece of equipment that can be used to cut standard left- and right-hand joints. The jig comes with aligning pins to ensure the correct cut.

Once clamped onto the worktop, the jig will help you cut a perfectly formed joint.

Put the worktop face up with the rounded edge towards you.

Insert the plastic pins in the three countersunk holes marked with an "F" and the other plastic pin should be inserted in the hole that matches the width of the worktop.

Put the jig onto the worktop's front right corner and make sure the four pins are snug against the edge before you secure the jig. Use G-clamps to secure the jig to the worktop.

Position the router in the left side of the centre slot and follow the slot to the edge closest to you, moving left to right. The router cutter should go no more than 10mm into the surface. Repeat this step until the cut is complete.

Put the worktop face down.

Insert two plastic pins into the countersunk holes marked with the letter "M."

Place the jig so the pins are pushed against the rounded edge of the worktop and clamp the jig to the worktop with G-clamps.

Put the cutting router into the left-hand side of the slot where the pins are located and cut left to right until the cut is complete. Do not cut more than 10mm into the surface of the worktop.