How to recondition a wheelchair battery

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Batteries used to power wheelchairs can die quickly after recharging if they are not occasionally reconditioned. While a wheelchair battery is similar to a regular car battery---both are lead-acid batteries---unlike a car battery, if it's not fully discharged a couple of times a year it can start to lose power, resulting in your wheelchair ceasing to operate. By following a few instructions, you can recondition your wheelchair battery so it operates like new.

Discharge your wheelchair battery fully. This can be a little tedious since you need to run the motor because there's generally no other electrical equipment on a wheelchair. Once the motor stops operating completely your battery is discharged.

Connect the battery charger plug on the end of the cable that's attached to the charger into the charging socket on your wheelchair. You simple lift open a flap on your wheelchair and push the plug into the charger socket.

Set your battery charger to the lowest setting. It's often marked "trickle charge." Trickle charge, as the name suggests, charges your battery very slowly. Slow charging reconditions your wheelchair battery.

Turn on the battery charger. Let it charge your wheelchair battery for a minimum of 24 hours. Let it charge for a longer period of time if you can. It won't damage the battery since it is using a low charge rate.

Turn off the battery charger. Disconnect the battery cable plug from the wheelchair socket. Close the charger socket flap. You will find that the next time you use your wheelchair it has more power and the charge will last longer.

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