How to View a Print Job History

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Viewing print job history on your computer is easy and convenient. It's a great way to monitor print activity, especially if you have kids in the house. You can monitor and log print jobs in the Windows Event Log, as well as in your printers folder. Both must be enabled, but can then be checked for activity easily.

Click "Start"-->"Run" and type "eventvwr". This will open the Event Viewer.

Click "Applications and Services"-->"Microsoft"-->"PrintService"-->"Operational". This will open the event log for your printer.

Click on any of the log items and you will see details of what was printed. Each aspect of a print job will be saved, so it will show several log items for the same print job. Click through them to get to the one that shows where the file that was printed.

Right click on "Operational" and click "Enable Log" if it has been disabled.

Click "Start" "Control Panel"-->"Devices and Printers" and double-click on your printer. This will bring up the status window for your printer. This box stores print jobs while they are in progress, and usually pops up whenever you print anything.

Click "Printer"-->"Properties"-->"Advanced" and check the box next to "Keep Printed Documents."

Open the box after printing, and the list of printed documents will be available.