Acrylic mirror edging

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Acrylic mirror edging is designed to add a decorative touch to a plain mirror by creating a frame around the edges. The mirror edging comes in a variety of colours and styles, but installation is the same regardless of type.

You can either purchase a kit with the product, which includes the foam tape you'll need to install the edging, or purchase the strips on their own.

Measure the horizontal and vertical lengths of the mirror and write down the results.

Mark four pieces of the acrylic mirror edge strips, one for each side. Each strip should be 4 inches shorter than the original measurement to compensate for the mirror edging corners.

Score the marks with a razor knife.

Firmly hold the strip and snap off at the scored marks.

Apply several squares of foam tape to the back of each acrylic piece. Use two layers of tape on the horizontal pieces, which will compensate for the fasteners that hold the mirror to the wall.

Apply small dabs of adhesive to the back of the acrylic pieces, keeping it away from the edges.

Place each strip of the acrylic mirror edging onto the mirror. Line it up with the centre of each side, leaving 2 inches on either end for the corner pieces.

Apply tape and adhesive to the backs of the corner pieces. Install the corner pieces.