Kitchen Corner Carousel Adjustment Instructions

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Corner carousel- or lazy susan-type cabinets may occasionally need adjusting so they spin and function properly. Canyon Creek Cabinet Company out of Monroe, Washington, recommends aligning the cabinet correctly before attempting to adjust the inner spinning mechanism. When adjustable cabinet feet are used, set the centre foot to adequately support the weight of the centre carousel pole. By following the necessary steps to adjust the portion of your carousel cabinet that needs it, you can have it back in working condition in no time.

Adjust the right door first. If doors will not spin, see if they are dragging at the top or bottom. Assure the cabinet is installed square or level and adjust the height of the doors by loosening the white nylon set screw on the bottom of the hinge to allow the doors to be shifted up or down as needed. Tighten the screw once height adjustment is correct to allow carousel to spin freely. Perform the same process with the left door.

Determine if the spinning of the carousel is slow or makes a strange noise when used. If so, check to see that the travel pin at the top of the pole on the bracket was removed after installation. Check for proper installation of the top bracket to the underside of your countertop.

Adjust the doors to reveal the correct gap at equal levels on the top and bottom of the cabinet. Check to see if the bottoms of the cabinet doors are at least 1/8 inch above the floor of the cabinet or your manufacturer's recommendations for gap amount. If not, recheck cabinet installation to see if it was installed correctly.

Use the appropriate screwdriver for your cabinet to adjust the depth and lateral areas of the doors, as needed. The depth adjustment can be made from the screw directly on the face of the hinge to move the door level with the front of the cabinet frame. The lateral adjustment is done by loosening the side screw of the hinge to adjust the amount of space allowed at the side of the doors. This may take several attempts to properly adjust both the depth and sides of the cabinet doors. Place a level against the centre pole once you think you have the doors adjusted and square the unit until levelness is achieved. Tighten all screws.

Check to see if the transport pin, used for shipment of the cabinet, located in the upper bearing of the centre pole, has been removed. Use a #2 Pozi screwdriver, if available, or a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the tension or speed of the self-closing dampener spring. Without removing the unit, adjust the screw in a clockwise (right) direction to speed up the door closure. Turn the screw in a counterclockwise (left) direction to slow down the door closure.

Adjust the spring tension points as needed, under the base of the unit, if applicable for your carousel cabinet. Use a screwdriver to undo the screw. Use needle nose pliers to take out the tension spring. Adjust the tension to desired closing force. The further the spring is stretched, the more force achieved or the faster the doors will close.

Replace the tension spring and tighten the screw. Check with your cabinet manufacturer for recommendations or possible illustrated instructions on more tension adjustments.

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