Instructions for a Bissell QuickWash

The Bissell QuickWash is a deep cleaner for carpets and other surfaces. It is lightweight and has a combined water/solution tank and a separate dirty water collection tank. The QuickWash has large wheels for easy moving, a spray trigger to dispense the heater cleaning solution and comes with a limited warranty.

The Bissell QuickWash is available online and in select department, appliance and home retail stores. Operating the QuickWash carpet cleaner is relatively simple but should only be performed by adults familiar with operating home appliances with hot liquids and/or chemical cleaners.

Lift the water/solution tank up and out of the lower body of the unit. Unscrew the black cap, located near the bottom of the tank. Turn the tank over and fill with Bissell brand cleaning formula to the formula fill line on the tank. Fill the remainder of the tank with clean, hot water. Close and tighten the cap and replace the tank onto the lower body of the unit.

Plug the power cord into an electrical socket. Press the "Power Switch" with your foot to turn the QuickWash on. Press the "Detent Lever" on the right side of the unit with your foot.

Squeeze the trigger on the handle to dispense the cleaning solution onto the carpet. Move the carpet cleaner back and forth over the damp area and then repeat without pressing the spray trigger.

Repeat over the entire area, creating overlapping sections to ensure proper cleaning.

Press down on the "Detent Lever" and then the "Power Switch" with your foot to turn the QuickWash off.

Pull the water/solution tank up and off the machine and empty into a sink. Lift up and out the collection water tank and empty. Rinse both tanks with water and set back onto the machine.