How to remove water stains from a linen curtain

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Water stains on linen curtains are a common occurrence, especially if your window is poorly insulated and rainwater seeps through the window. Due to the delicacy of linen, it is generally not recommended to throw them in the washer, as the wash cycle can cause tears or fraying on the curtains.

An alternative to machine washing your curtains is soaking them in a natural cleanser such as distilled vinegar.

Fill the bucket with the entire bottle of distilled white vinegar.

Soak the linen curtains in the mixture, and allow them to sit for up to one hour.

Remove the curtains from the bucket, and gently ring out the excess liquid from the curtains.

Pour out the vinegar from the bucket, and fill the bucket with warm water.

Mix 1 cup of washing powder into the bucket, and soak the linen curtains in the mixture.

Leave the curtains in the mixture for up to one hour, and ring out the excess moisture.

Rinse the curtains with warm water, and hang them to air dry.