How to Use T-nuts in Wood

screwdriver image by Federico Romano from

T-nuts are small cylinders threaded for bolts on the inside that you can hammer into wood. Once the T-nut is installed into the wood it enables you to bolt together pieces of wood or any composite material that you want to join to the wood. The bolts can then be removed, if needed.

T-nuts are used in furniture building and woodworking projects where individual components are created in bulk, tapped with T-nuts, and assembled for production. Two popular sizes for T-nuts are 1/4 and 5/16-inch.

Drill a 1/2-inch hole in the wood where the T-nut will go. Drilling completely through the wood is also acceptable. For 1/4-inch T-nuts, use a 5/16-inch drill bit; for 5/16-inch T-nuts use a 3/8-inch drill bit.

Insert the cylinder end of the T-nut into the hole, pushing it into the hole with your thumb so that it stands up.

Strike the top of the T-nut with a hammer, driving it into the hole so that the spikes on the bottom of the T-nut are buried into the wood.

Crouch down and get at eye level with the T-nut. Ensure it is flush with the wood and that the spikes are completely buried into the wood. If not, strike the T-nut again, or until the surface of the T-nut is flush with the wood or slightly below the surface of the wood.

Screw the appropriate bolt into the T-nut.