How to Find Out a Number That Is Unavailable

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Numbers that display on your caller ID with "unavailable" as the identifier can be especially frustrating. There are times when the actual number is displayed but the name is listed as unavailable, and then there are other times when the only thing displayed is unavailable. Either instance can be remedied. There are ways to detect who is calling from an unavailable number with the help of Internet databases that can provide you with owner of the unavailable number.

Go to a reverse phone lookup website such as, when you are provided a number on your caller ID with an unavailable name identifier. Select "Reverse Phone Lookup." Enter the phone number that shows up on your caller ID with the unavailable identifier. Then, press "Phone Lookup." Note the result of your query be it residential or commercial.

Visit a reverse 800 number lookup website such as the National Toll Free Directory when you are provided a number on your caller ID with an unavailable name identifier. Enter phone number, then select "Search." You can enter any 800, 866, 877 or 888 number to extract the company name or owner.

Visit Go to the right hand portion of the page and enter in the phone number where it states "Phone Number Search" and press "Search." Here you will find all complaints and any identifying information regarding your number query. People typically write in great detail regarding harassing or other strange information regarding specific numbers.

Call your phone company if you are repeatedly getting harassing, obscene or silent calls that are assigned to unavailable numbers. Most phone companies have varying policies regarding searching or tracing unavailable numbers. Depending on the policy, after you call in to report repeated or harassing calls, you will be sent to the telephone company's "annoyance desk." You will need to provide specific information and a trace will commence based on what you've provided. In some cases, you may need to file a police report before the phone company will start a phone trace.

Please note that if you are in immediate danger, contact the local authorities immediately.

Call your phone company and inquire about blocking or rejecting numbers that present themselves as unavailable on your caller ID. You can also block on a per-call basis if the unavailable number is actually presented.

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