How to Install a Wind Deflector for a Mini Cooper

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The Mini Cooper was originally designed by the British Motor Company, or BMC, in 1959 as a fuel-efficient car for average families. In the 1960s it reached iconic status as many celebrities fell in love with the distinctive look of the car and began buying them. The Mini seemed to have died in 2000, as BMC discontinued the model. But German car maker BMW bought the name and started selling models worldwide. In company brochures, whenever BMW speaks of the Mini, it is referring to the original car made by BMC. It always refers to its own model as MINI, in all capital letters.

Clean the roof area of your Mini before beginning installation. Open the sunroof to the full open setting.

Place the wind deflector just forward of the opening of the sunroof so that the bottom flange lays flat against the roof and the deflector wraps around the opening.

Install a mounting bracket just about an inch back of the front corner of the sunroof opening on the driver's side. The bracket should be placed with the oval-shaped hole facing upward and the base anchored firmly against the weather seal.

Put a washer on one of the Phillips head screws, then insert the screw into the hole on the side of the deflector on the driver's side. Move the deflector so that the screw fits into the mounting bracket. Loosely secure it with one of the nuts provided.

Repeat steps three and four on the passenger side.

Inspect the deflector visually to make sure it is symmetrical. If not, you may adjust it until it is by simply moving it gently, so as not to damage the weather seal of the sunroof. When properly placed, the front centre edge of the deflector will be 8 3/4 inches from the top edge of the windshield. Once it is properly placed, tighten the nuts on the Phillips head screws to firmly secure the deflector in place.

Close the sunroof, making sure it does not interfere with the deflector. When the sunroof panel closes it will simply press the securing brackets gently deeper into the weather seal.

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