How to Fix a Projector Screen

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Several different types of projector screens are in use. They range from inflatable screens for indoor and outdoor use to projector screens that vary in size. In addition, there are rear projector screens. Projector screens are made by several manufacturers, and there are many types to choose from, such as LED or plasma. Troubleshooting your projector screen can save you time and money of having to replace it.

Take the projector screen down carefully from its location and place face down on a soft surface.

Remove the screws from the back and clean any debris that may have collected internally.

Clean the screen with a microfibre or other soft cloth. Replace the back and return the projector screen to its location and turn on.

Attach the black light that came with your system to guard from rays of light that can interfere with being able to see the image clearly on the projector screen.

Increase the height of the projector screen if part of the picture is not visible. This will centre the picture on the projector screen.

Set up the projector screen in an environment that is warm. This decreases the creases or wrinkles that may occur in the projector screen. When you remove the projector screen from the rest of the unit, do this prior to letting the air out and roll the screen up and place back in the tube for storage.

Check the light tunnel. A common problem with some projectors is with the light tunnel (wave guide). If it becomes excessively hot, the glue that holds the mirror pieces together gives way and the pieces collapse. The wave guide is small, so difficult to fix, but not impossible.

Buy some glue that is made to work low and high temperature extremes (up to 54.4 degrees C). For those with great eyesight, pick up the four pieces of mirror and set them on a solid surface. Carefully glue the mirror shards together.

Let the mirror shards dry and then replace in the projector screen. Turn on the system, if it is not working, consider taking in for repair by a professional.

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