Parrot CK3100 Fitting Instructions

Hands-free mobile phone devices are becoming a necessity as more laws are being passed banning cell phone use while driving. Parrot produces a variety of hands-free mobile phone devices that help you use your mobile phone legally and safely while driving. One such device is the CK3100, which can be fitted in your vehicle with the right tools and technique.

Remove the front panel, or bezel, that surrounds the stereo and heating/air conditioning controls. Some bezels can be pulled directly off, but most have screws that must be removed before removing the bezel. Manufacturer's instruction manuals usually indicate how to remove each vehicle model's bezel, and several online resources have this information.

Locate the line-in inputs in the back of your stereo. These inputs are small, round jacks with coloured rings around their edges indicating their type of input. If there are line-in inputs available, connect the brown, green, and yellow wires to the back of your stereo. If there are no line-in inputs available, look for ISO inputs.

Locate the ISO inputs in the back of your stereo. These inputs have rectangular white, black, or brown housings with eight to 20 wire inputs. Disconnect the audio and supply bundles from the stereo and link the female ends of the mute supply cables and of the power supply cable. Connect the audio and supply bundles from the vehicle to the male connectors. Connect the yellow wire of the mute cable to one of the "Mute in" inputs -- 1, 2 or 3.

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