How to Start a Business Selling Leads

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Most companies that sell products need leads. The key is to decide which types of leads to sell. Various types of business leads include cell phone, mailing lists, e-mail and phone leads. You would sell mailing lists to companies that market their businesses by mail.

For example, a mail order vitamin company would potentially purchase a list of vitamin buyers from you. Similarly, an online clothing retailer may buy e-mail leads.

Create a name for your mailing list business. Register your fictitious business name as a DBA (doing business as) through your city or county, according to Obtain a vendor's license at the same location because you will need to pay sales taxes on instate customers.

Decide on the types of businesses to whom you want to sell. Sell your homebuyer leads to mortgage or real estate companies, for example. Promote business opportunity seeker leads to network marketing companies. Sell business-to-business leads if you want to market business customers or corporations.

Find a wholesale business list supplier for the leads you are selling. Go to websites such as and Contact the Direct Marketing Association at Find out which business leads sources sell the lists you want to market. Ask the business leads supplier for testimonials from other customers, which will verify their leads are effective. Try to find a business leads supplier that offers you a 150- to- 200-percent markup on leads.

Apply for a merchant account through your bank for you leads business.

Create a website for your leads business, or have one developed for you. List all the types of leads you sell on your website as well as the prices. Type in your contact information on your website, such as a phone number and e-mail address.

Add your website address to various search engines such as and Hire a search engine optimizer or Internet search engine expert, who can dramatically increase visits and sales for your website. Create a list of three- to five-word phrases with your search engine opimizer that best describe your products or service offerings. Work with your search engine optimizer on a regular basis to attain a first-page ranking in major search engines.

Run classified ads in various trade publications which your customers are likely to read. Advertise in business opportunity magazines, for example, if you sell to companies who market home business opportunities.