How to Make a Nose Warmer

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A cold nose is a very unpleasant sensation. Because they are rarely covered, they get cold faster than most parts of the body. The problem with a cold nose is that there isn't a way to warm it up and keep it warm unless you keep it covered. What can you cover it with though?

Scarves can be annoying because they also cover your mouth. You can create something, however, that will keep your nose warm without covering your mouth.

Cut a triangle shape (big enough to cover your nose) with scissors out of a piece of scrap material.

Measure elastic cord by pulling it around your head. Stretch it slightly, making it snug but comfortable. Leave enough extra to tie a knot on each side of the triangle you made in step one.

Cut a tiny slit on two points of the triangle piece. Pull elastic cord through and tie a knot around the material, securing it in place.

Pull your newly created nose warmer around your head. The two points with the knots should be higher than the point without, positioned about halfway down the bridge of your nose. Ensure that it fits comfortably.