How to Store Partial Dentures for a Long Time

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Partial dentures, according to Agoka Dental, can be either removable or fixed and are a corrective option for teeth that are either missing or have been removed. Regardless of which type of partial is used, the materials and function of the partial are very similar to full dentures.

Since daily use of the partial is essential to maintain the fit and tooth alignment, people seeking to store a partial long-term typically want to do so to have a backup for emergency use. To store the partial long-term, it's essential to prepare the partial properly and store it in an appropriate environment.

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Remove and soak your partials in a glass of cool water.

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Place a washcloth in the bottom of your sink as a cushion and rinse the partial under a steady stream of water from the faucet.

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Brush the partial gently with a soft toothbrush to remove any remaining particles or plaque.

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Dry the partial completely with a soft cloth.

Purchase a plastic, denture or retainer storage case from your dentist or orthodontist. Some replacement cases are available at local chemists also.

Place the completely dry partial in the denture or retainer case and securely close the case.

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Label the outside of the case with your name, date and description of the contents. This help you identify the item quickly.

Place the case on a cool, dry shelf for storage. Choose a place that is out of the way but that you access on a daily basis so you don't forget where you stored the partial.

Always soak the stored partial in a glass of cool water for a few hours before reinserting. The materials will require time and moisture to regain their pliable consistency.