How to Store Contacts without Solution

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Proper care of contact lenses not only extends the life of the lenses but protects the eyes as well. Without contact solution, contacts run the risk of drying out and damaging the eye. But accidents do happen and in case of an unplanned outage, it is important for contact users to know how to store their contacts without solution. With the right ingredients, a person can make her own contact storage solution that won't be the same, but can get the job done.

Wash hands. Disinfecting is important in keeping the contacts and eyes healthy.

Sterilise container. Boiling water works well, as does steam. Rinse the container with distilled water.

Mix 1 litre distilled water with 1 teaspoon cooking salt. Make sure to mix thoroughly, so all the salt is dissolved.

Fill contact cases with solution and store contacts in the solution. Keep the remaining solution in a dark place.

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