How to Repair a Chipped iMac

Apple's iMac computer is its standard consumer desktop system. The iMac is an all-in-one computer that mounts the system components and the display inside a single chassis. The monitor on an iMac is a liquid crystal display (LCD). Because the display on some iMac models extends to the edge of the screen, without a protective bezel, it is possible to chip the glass on the LCD, particularly along the edges. There are a few options available to address a chipped LCD on an iMac.

Contact AppleCare immediately if the iMac was delivered new with the chips. Apple will replace a chipped iMac only if you can demonstrate that it was shipped with a chipped display or that the damage occurred in transit.

Pay Apple or an Apple authorised service provider to replace the display on your iMac. Apple will not replace a chipped iMac display if the damage is due to user abuse or occurs out of warranty. Replacing the entire display can cost as much as a replacement iMac.

Apply petroleum jelly to the chips. Be sure to wipe away any excess jelly. This method works because the optical density of the petroleum jelly more closely matches the iMac's LCD face compared with the surrounding air. This method may work only if the chips are not too deep.

Live with the chips and learn to ignore them. If the chips on your iMac are on the edge of your display, it is unlikely that they will be in your line of sight. The simplest and cheapest solution is to leave them alone. You will eventually forget they are even there.

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