How to recycle tires for cash

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Old tires with a rubber content that is harmful to the environment often end up in the dump when auto garages and tire shops can no longer use them. But the tires often still have life left in them. You can take advantage of this by collecting old tires from garages and selling them to tire retreading shops for cash.

You can help yourself and the environment by starting a small side operation that requires no investment for any extra equipment.

Look in your phone book under "Tire Retreading" to locate businesses that buy tires. Call each business to find out how much they pay for tires. Ask whether there are restrictions on the number of tires you can take to them per trip, and ask what types of tires they accept.

Call your local auto garage or tire shop and ask whether they have any old tire casings they will be throwing away. Most garages have stacks of them and must pay to have them hauled away. Offer to pick them up for free.

Pick up the tire casings, but inspect them before you drive away. Do not take tires with holes in the casings, deep cuts or threading because the tire retreading facility will not accept them. Load your trunk only with the tire casings you can sell and drive them to the retreader.

Drop off the tires at the retreading business and wait for the inspector to check them over. If the wait will be a long one, he may give you a receipt and ask you to come back to pick up your money. Collect the money for your tires, which will range from 90p to £26 per tire.