How to Convert Women's Jean Sizes to Men's

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Sometimes women love the fit and look of men's jeans and vice versa.

This is why it is handy to know a simple conversion method to convert women's jeans to men's sizes and back Clothing sizes can already differ from store to store and brand to brand, but the largest divide is how they are sized depending on which gender is targeted. While you must take certain factors into considering, such as feminine figure proportions, this conversion method works well.

Find out what the size of the women's jeans are.

Add the number 21 to the women's size to calculate what the men's waist size would be. For example, if the women's jean size is a size 8, the men's waist size might be 29 inches.

Remember to always take build into consideration. There is room for error and everybody is different. Some people have a large rear and smaller waist, or vice versa. This conversion method does provide a basic starting point though.