How to deflate an air bed

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Air beds provide cheap and comfortable solutions to sleeping when you're on the move. Given their compact size when not inflated and their light weight, air beds provide a convenient night's sleep for travellers or overnight guests when you're short on beds. Deflating an air bed is a straightforward task that can be achieved without any additional equipment, but an electronic or battery-powered pump makes inflating and deflating an air bed much easier and quicker.

Move the fully inflated air bed onto a flat, hard, nonslip surface -- the flatter and firmer, the better.

Remove any sundry items, such as pillows, sheets and duvets, and pack them away separately. Find and open the inflation valve, which is normally located somewhere near the bottom or end of the air bed, often near one of the corners. Opening the valve often involves untwisting a cap before pulling it clear. If the bed is fully inflated, you should instantly hear and feel a decrease in the bed's pressure when the valve is opened.

Apply your hands to the air bed and exert gentle pressure on any sections of the air bed that remain inflated. Similar to kneading clay or bread, you must push and massage the air out of the bed before you start to feel the hard surface underneath, meaning as much air as possible has been removed.

Affix your air bed pump to the valve as if you were about to inflate the air bed, but change the settings as indicated on the pump or in the bed's manual so your pump is set to "reverse" or "deflate." Continue to apply pressure to air pockets in the bed as the pump draws air out. You can also kneel on the air bed and crawl around on all fours to help speed up the process. Remove and pack away the pump when the bed is as deflated as possible.

Fold, roll and pack up your air bed as instructed in its manual. Ensure your air bed is as clean and as dry as possible before packing it away. The instructions often provide a specific strategy for packing away the bed, which is the most efficient and simple way to handle it.

Place your folded and rolled air bed into its bag. The more air you are able to remove from the air bed, the easier the packing process will be, and the more compact and transportable the end product.

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