How to Overclock a Compaq Evo D500

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The Compaq Evo D500 from Hewlett-Packard is a low-end home PC powered by an Intel Pentium 4 processor. Like most other PCs, the Evo D500 is destined to become obsolete, but with the proper hardware upgrades and by overclocking your processor, you can extend the life of your Evo D500.

Reset your PC, either by turning the machine off and then back on, or by opening your "Start" menu and selecting the "Reset" option from the "Shut Down" menu.

Press the "F6" function key when you see the Compaq/HP splash screen. This command will take you to your BIOS submenu, where you will see several options.

Select the "Advanced BIOS Settings" menu option by using the directional arrows on your keyboard to highlight the option, then pressing the "Enter" key to go into the menu.

Highlight the "Front Side Bus" option and press "Enter" to go into edit mode. From here, use the numerical keys on your keyboard to set a new front-side bus speed.

Exit out of your BIOS by first pressing "ESC" to exit out of the FSB edit menu, then pressing "ESC" again to exit to your main BIOS menu. Press "ESC" one more time to exit your BIOS, pressing "Y" to save your new settings when prompted.

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