How to Speed Up FTP Uploads on GoDaddy

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Uploading a large bulk of files to your Web hosting server can be a lengthy process. If your upload speeds seem unusually slow, there are a few tweaks to get your files transferred faster. These steps apply to users of any Web host, including GoDaddy.

Executing these steps requires a basic familiarity with file transfer protocol (FTP) clients, as well as with utilising a Web-hosting server.

Close as many applications that access the Internet as possible. Some things that eat up a lot of bandwidth include streaming videos, online gaming, social media applications and torrent downloads. The less Internet activity on your computer, the faster your uploads will go.

Install the latest version of your FTP client. Visit the software manufacturer's website to verify your client is up to date. If you do need to install a new version, download the installer file from the manufacturer's website and follow the on-screen installation instructions. You will need to re-enter your FTP server information into the software once installation is complete.

Limit the simultaneous connections within your FTP client. The file names and commands will differ depending on the FTP client you are using. Most likely, you will find this option within a menu labelled "Settings," "Preferences" or "Connections." Ideally, the maximum simultaneous connection limit should be set to 10.

Upgrade your Internet to a high-speed connection. Your upload speeds will only be as fast as the service to which you subscribe. For the fastest upload speeds, a broadband or fibre-optic Internet connection is ideal. Contact your Internet-service provider.