How to Use an Ibico Binding Machine

Maria Teijeiro/Photodisc/Getty Images

Ibico was one of the largest makers of binding machines, supplies and laminators. In 1998, Ibico was purchased by the General Binding Corporation, which carried on the Ibico line under the Ibico name until 1995.

Since then, all GBC products have been sold under the GBC brand name exclusively, and the old Ibico models have been either discontinued or renamed. Most Ibico binding machines are intended to bind paper with pre-cut plastic spines, or "combs." The process involves two phases: punching the holes and binding the paper through the plastic comb.

Put the paper to be bound in an even pile. The Ibico machine will bind approximately 12 sheets of paper at a time.

On the side of the machine with the word "ibico" printed on it, lift the large handle. Lifting the handle will open a small gap in the middle of the machine, slide the papers into this gap. Forcefully press the handle back down, and back up again. Remove the papers and inspect to make sure they are punched fully and evenly.

If the project to be bound has a cover of a different thickness, repeat step 2 for the covers.

Hold the pages and cover together. Pull out the back cover, and place it over the front cover. The order now will be; back cover, front cover and pages.

On the other side of the machine, locate the small lever on the bottom. Pull this lever up and back down, then turn the machine around again. A small tray will have opened, exposing a row of metal prongs.

Place the plastic binding comb over the prongs. The spine should be in the back, allowing the comb to fit snugly between the prongs. Push the plastic comb flush against the prongs.

Pull the small lever back up again. This will open up the plastic binding comb. The teeth will have rolled out, separate from the spine.

Lay the paper out over the plastic comb teeth. Pages on the bottom, covers on the top. Run your hand over it, making sure that all the teeth have gone through the pre-punched holes.

Push the small lever back down. This will allow the comb teeth to connect back with the spine. Pull the newly bound pages off of the prongs.