How to copyright your own quote

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Copyright in the United States is automatically granted to the creator of the work as soon as it is fixed in a form that is perceptible. U.S copyright law states that the copyright is active even if the fixed, perceptible form requires the aid of a machine such as a computer.

However, without a clear, legal record of the date when the material was fixed in a perceptible form, the copyright may be usurped by a plagiarist. Registering the copyright of a quote with the U.S. Copyright Office provides the creator with overwhelming evidence in infringement cases. There is a £22 fee, as of 2010, for registering copyright online.

Type the quote on a computer and print it or type it on a typewriter. Ensuring that the quote is written in a fixed and easily readable format will help streamline the process of copyrighting. Include the date and sign the quote.

Register for an Electronic Copyright Office account.

Register a new claim. Click "Register a new claim" and "Start Registration." Follow the instructions on the screen to file your registration and pay the £22 fee.