How to remove chewing gum from dentures

Dentures come at a high price and must be properly taken care of so they last a long time. Dentures today have the look and feel of your natural teeth. Unfortunately, they aren't your natural teeth and it can be hard to give up foods and snacks that you used to be able to freely enjoy. Things like gum can cause big problems for denture wearers. If gum gets stuck on your dentures, don't worry. You can remove gum from dentures yourself with a little effort.

Remove as much gum with your fingers as you can. Using the gum itself to tap flecks of gum of the dentures.

Soak dentures in hot water to soften any remaining residue.

Rub vegetable oil over the chewing gum with a soft cloth. Work in a circular motion until the residue is gone. Follow this by gently using the denture brush to swipe any remaining gum from the dentures.

Soak dentures in denture cleansing solution as you normally would before wearing.

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