Babyliss Beach Bronze instructions

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The Babyliss Beach Bronze Salon system is an at-home tanning system marketed as a salon-quality, do-it-yourself product.

In addition to the airbrush applicator unit that has its own applicator bottle and airbrush stand, the kit also comes with four bottles of the Babyliss Beach Bronze tanning solution, a bottle of Babyliss Beach Bronze Body Smoother, and a tanning screen with its own storage pouch as of 2010. The unit will work with other tanning solutions brand as long as they are professional spray-tanning products.


Scrub the entire body gently with the Babyliss Beach Bronze Smoother to exfoliate and shave all areas you typically shave.

Rinse and dry the skin. Apply a moisturiser and allow the lotion to absorb completely. This process should be completed eight to 10 hours before spray tanning, for best results.

Assemble the spray tan area by placing a discardable sheet, towel or rug on the tanning area floor and assembling the tanning screen from the Babyliss Tanning System kit around the floor covering.

Connect the air compressor, hose and bronzer formula bottle onto the airbrush unit. Place the bottle in the stand next to the already assembled spray tan screen.


Secure the hair away from the face in a shower cap.

Apply a barrier cream like vaseline to the palms of the hands, bottoms of feet and any other area of the body that you do not want to be spray tanned. Step into the pre-prepared tanning area.

Spraying in a small, circular motion, with the airbrush unit 25 to 30 cm (10 to 12 inches) from the feet, lightly cover the feet with spray.

Spray with the same motion up the front of the legs, trunk area and arms. Be sure to spray the front of each section first. Then move to the side, back and other side where applicable, to ensure complete coverage.

Instruct the subject to hold their breath and close their eyes before you begin spraying the neck and face. Work in small 30-second bursts to give the person an opportunity to breathe.

Disassemble the spray tan equipment and clean according to included instructions to prevent clogging. Spray tan products differ in drying time so consult the product literature for required drying times.