How to Repair a Squeaky Spring in a Urban Rebounder

An Urban Rebounder is a personal fitness trampoline used for muscle strengthening. When a spring on the rebounder is loose or not attached correctly, squeaks may develop. These can be resolved easily.

Locate the spring that is making noise. Manipulate the spring with your hands to find the contact point on the trampoline or frame that is squeaking.

Apply a lubricant. Choose one that is petroleum-based, such as WD-40, or Teflon-based, such as Triflow. Apply it to the area that is making noise. Lubricants add moisture that allows contact points to connect without squeaks.

Remove the spring cover by lifting up on the top of the rebounder and detaching the elastic cover.

Detach the bad spring from the two points of connection -- on the rebounder frame and on the trampoline surface. With a screwdriver, push toward the jump surface in one swift movement. As the handle moves toward the mat, the hook of the spring will slide down toward the mat cleat. Reattach the spring and make sure it is attached correctly. If squeaking persists, remove the spring.

Attach a new spring. The replacement spring will be free if the rebounder is under warranty. If you have had the rebounder longer than one year, purchase a spring from the manufacturer through its website. Attach the new spring and reattach the spring cover over the rebounder.

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