How to Extract a DVD Key From an Xbox 360 Motherboard Using InFeCtuS

Xbox 360 consoles are manufactured by Microsoft and use an internal motherboard to transmit data between the system's graphics and processor chips. Your Xbox 360 motherboard has a unique DVD key that can be extracted using freeware pioneered by a program named "InFeCtuS." You may want the motherboard DVD key if you wish to run custom software on your console. Extracting the motherboard key from your Xbox 360 will take about 20 minutes.

Unplug all cables from the Xbox 360 and remove the front faceplate. Unclasp the plastic tabs on the exterior plastic case and remove it. Unscrew the Torx size 7 screws from the metal interior case and slide it open. Disconnect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to the Xbox 360, then connect your SATA cable from the computer to the Xbox 360. Turn on your computer.

Open a web browser and download JungleFlasher from the link in the References section. As of November 2010, JungleFlasher is the most updated and stable Xbox 360 modification tool available, and it is also the only program capable of extracting your DVD key from within Windows (earlier programs required MS-DOS and were prone to crashing).

Run JungleFlasher and click "Extract DVD Key Using InFeCtuS," then select your Xbox 360. Click "OK" and the program will begin copying your DVD key from the Xbox 360 motherboard to a BIN file on your computer.

Wait for the DVD key extraction to complete, then close the program and turn off the computer. Disconnect the SATA cable from the computer to the Xbox 360. Reconnect the SATA cable from the Xbox 360 to the DVD drive. Close the metal casing, then rescrew the Torx screws. Replace the exterior plastic case and front faceplate. Plug in all power cables and accessories before turning on the Xbox 360 again.

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