How to Fit Coaxial Cable Connectors

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Connecting coaxial fittings on the end of coaxial cable is most easily done using screw-on F connectors. These rugged and tight-fitting connectors are available quite inexpensively at nearly any hardware or department store. Attaching these connectors is made simpler by owing to the fact that they do not require crimping. These connectors are sold in bulk and supply a similar level of signal integrity as their crimp and compression fit cousins.

Cut the coaxial cable to the desired length, using the wire cutters.

Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the cable. Set the end of the cable into the stripper, squeeze, and rotate until resistance diminishes enough to pull off the insulation.

Fold the braided shield against the outer jacket. Make sure no strands touch the inner centre conductor.

Set the end of the screw-on connector against the end of the cable. Screw the connector down until the inner portion of the collar seats firmly against the white inner tubing, surrounding the copper centre conductor.

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