How to use a bud light mini keg

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Budweiser has been around since 1876, and introduced its lower-calorie Bud Light in 1982. Mini kegs are increasingly common around the U.S. as the price of alcohol increases. Many major beer manufacturers, such as Budweiser, offer mini kegs for the consumer. These kegs are small enough to fit your refrigerator and offer fresh-from-the-tap beer at home, usually at a price cheaper than canned or bottled beer. The Bud Light mini keg contains 5 litres of beer.

Unpack the mini keg parts from the packaging.

Insert the small tube into the larger tube. Place the lever on the tap's head located on the side of the keg. Place the smaller tube on the head of the tap. Place the tap's base at the end of the large tube. Snap each piece into place.

Press down on the tap's cap and twist it off. Push the ring into the tap.

Push the tap's base into the ring. Push the lever down to pour the beer. It will flow through the large tube that sticks out of the base of the tap.

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