The Uses of Teak Oil

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Teak oil is used predominantly as a wood varnish. Its use in teak furniture, patios, and outdoor chairs and tables brings out the natural beauty of wood while protecting it from the elements. Its many uses encompass wood found both in the home and on the high seas. Teak oil's waterproofing properties make it the perfect finish for boats and other wooden maritime equipment, and its durability and beauty make it a sterling choice for most wood furnishings.

Indoor Furnishings

Teak furniture lends a warm, rustic glow to any interior. Teak oil helps to bring out the inner colour and beauty in large-grain woods, such as rosewood and oak. It ensures that your wooden furnishings will truly stand the test of time, as it forms a finish that is extremely hard, resisting cracking due to sun and heat, and mould-resistant. Furniture finished with teak oil may last many decades without surface degradation.


Teak oil forms a waterproof finish that is ideal for the wooden decks of yachts, boating docks and wooden nautical equipment. Boat parts finished with teak oil withstand the constant stress of foot impact and being loaded down with heavy equipment. The characteristically hard finish protects against wind damage and the corrosive effects of saltwater, making it a great choice for boat exteriors.


Teak oil leaves a strong, durable finish that is suitable for a structure's frames, shingles and, sometimes, roofs. In addition to providing a protective exterior finish, teak oil improves the look of wood over time, gradually darkening it to a deeper lustre.

Care and Cleaning

Furniture, decks and patios treated with teak oil are easy to clean. The finish holds firm against soap and water without leaving behind any scratches, stains or streaks. For serious stain, commercial cleaning supplies can clean teak-treated furnishings more deeply. Teak oil liquid is highly flammable, so exercise caution when using it; apply it in a well-ventilated area that is free from any open flame.

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