How to Safely Extend Electrical Cable a Few Inches

Hans Neleman/Photodisc/Getty Images

At some time or other, just about everyone wishes they had just another inch or two of cord on a tool or device. While it's simple enough to just plug into an extension cord, there are times when this is less than optimal, especially when you're working in tight spaces.

Cable splicing is one answer to the problem of safely extending electrical cables.

Determine the length of the extension you wish to make. Cut the original cable and the new section about an inch apiece longer than what you want.

Strip an inch of insulation from the end of both wires. Use wire strippers instead of a knife, because a knife can cause irreparable damage to the cable.

Twist the two exposed wires together clockwise one and a half to two full rotations. Trim half an inch from the ends' twisted wires, leaving them even.

Wire nut: Twist the wire nut clockwise onto the twisted wires until no bare wire is left exposed and the wires do not come apart when pulled. You may wish to tape the nut in place with electrical tape to prevent slippage, but this is not usually necessary.

Compression sleeve: Slide the sleeve over the twisted wires and use a specialised crimping tool or the jaws of your wire strippers to crimp the sleeve down firmly. Make sure to use plenty of pressure to ensure a firm bond.