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How to Check Costco Store Item Availability

Updated February 21, 2017

Costco is a warehouse store with a large variety of items for sale. Customers can purchase items online or at one of the physical stores. When a customer is searching for an item, it is necessary to check the website as well as the store. Since the company carries a huge inventory, some items are exclusive to the website and some are exclusive to the stores. Fortunately, the website and stores are well coordinated so customers can find an item, if it is available, with little difficulty.

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  1. Check for the item online. Costco lists some items online that are not available in the stores.

  2. Call the store location close to you. The customer service representative can tell you if the item you need is at the store. The representative may also be able to check for the item in other locations through the company's intraweb system.

  3. Visit the Costco stores close to you to check for the item. Talk to the store manager if the item is not available. She can tell you when the item will be restocked or if it has been discontinued.

  4. Tip

    Check local Costco branches at intervals. The company may restock a previously discontinued item at a later date or replace it with a similar item.

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