How to Display Candy Floss in a Bag

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Candyfloss, candyfloss or spun sugar: they are all different names for the same sweet treat. Brightly coloured, fluffy candyfloss is a fair favourite both with visitors and vendors. When selling it, you walk a fine line between keeping the candyfloss fresh in a bag and having it visually appealing.

Use clear plastic bags and coloured candyfloss to grab the attention of those who walk past. A cork board with the bags pinned to it can be used to display the candyfloss on a wall. The board display makes it as easy as pulling out or putting in a push pin to remove and restock the bags.

Prepare coloured candyfloss with the sugar in the machine.

Grip the pointed tip of the paper cone and insert the open end into the candyfloss in the machine's pan. Wait until the machine produces a dense web of candyfloss on the inside of the pan.

Lift the paper cone up and gently spin it to transfer the candyfloss from the pan to the paper cone.

Hold a plastic bag open and the candyfloss topped cone upside down.

Twist the cone as you insert the candy side into the bag until the bag completely covers the entire paper cone.

Close the bag at the base with a twist tie.

Hang the cork board on the wall or lean it against a table.

Insert a push pin into the top portion of the bag to attach the candyfloss to the cork board.