Philippe Starck Watch Instructions

Philippe Starck has been a successful designer of everything from watches to cutlery to aeroplanes. The eclectic designer was born in France in 1949 and loved following his father, who was an aircraft designer, around his many drawing boards. His love of drawing the things in his mind grew and he set up his first successful company in 1968 and made furniture for most of the discotheques of note throughout the world. His love of the intricate was a natural for combining beauty and the mysterious workings of the watch.

Press the lower left side button on the side of the watch to make the different watch functions flash.

Keep pushing the mode button until you reach the TIM 1 function, which will allow you to set the time.

Push the upper right button to move between the different setting functions like hour and minute. Use the lower right button to change the actual numbers.

Press the mode button on the lower left to save the changes and switch to standard time telling mode.

Use the lower left button and go to each function mode that you want to adjust. Use the upper right to cycle through the options in that mode and the lower right to make the actual changes.

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