How to Use Friends in Burnout Paradise

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Burnout Paradise, an Xbox360 and PS3 game, offers a friends list for easy online play. The game, which consists of events where you race and take down other vehicles, offers an online mode where you can play against humans instead of bots. You also must play online if you want to unlock certain achievements or trophies. In addition to playing games with friends, you can add or remove people from your friends list or send them messages while playing Burnout Paradise.

Add friends to your list by going offline and navigating to the online menu. Press start or escape to bring up the "Driver Details" option. Press the left bumper on the Xbox controller or L1 on the PS3 controller twice. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and select the "Friends" option.

Enter your friend's name in the designated box and select "add friend" or select a friend from the menu of recently played and select "add friend."

Press "send message" from the friend's menu to send a greeting. Input your message using the controller and press "send."

Go online and scroll to the "online play" option. Select friends from your friends list and invite them to play online with you.

Talk to your friends while playing online by using a headset.

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