How to Make a Table Out of a Cable Reel

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You can make a cute table out of the cable reel that is, much to your annoyance, occupying unnecessary space at home. Decorate the cable reel table for use in your room or outdoors in your porch or garden. Cable reels come in different sizes. Large reels can be made into dining tables and patio tables.

Small cable reel tables are cute furniture for kids. Even if you do not have a cable reel, you can get them free or at very cheap rates at lumber yards and warehouses of businesses dealing with electricity parts.

Prepare the cable reel surface. Check for protruding nails and bang them in with a hammer. Rub the surface with sandpaper to smooth the roughness.

Paint the cable reel from top down using enamel paint. Apply enamel paint to the top surface and allow it to dry. Once paint dries on the top, paint the reel cylinder and the lower circular surface in the same way. You can use paint of any colour. Take into account the wall colour if you are planning to use the table in a room.

Decorate the reel cylinder with a flower design. Use stencils cut from a card stock paper to trace the flower on the cylinder. With scissors, cut a circular shape for the centre of the flower and shapes for stem, leaves and petals.

Trace the shape of the flower with a sketch pen on the cylinder using the stencils. Using an acrylic paint brush, paint the resultant flower shape with acrylic paint. Set the reel table aside to dry.

Place a flower vase or a table umbrella on the centre of the table to cover the hole and add to the decoration.