My Dyson Won't Turn On

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The Dyson device is a special brand of vacuum. It is known for operating without bags, and for its selection of vacuuming tools to clean hard-to-reach spots. Since the Dyson vacuum still sucks up dirt, the brush bar can become clogged with dust, hair and other debris. If it is clogged, it might cause the Dyson to stop working properly. In some cases, the Dyson will not turn on. To fix this issue, you must first clean out the brush, then reset the Dyson vacuum.

Pull the Dyson vacuum plug out from the wall outlet. Turn the vacuum over, so you can clearly see the brush bar underneath the vacuum suction opening.

Use the scissors to cut any debris or hair out of the brush bar. Hair in particular can wrap around the brush bar, causing it to tighten and not work properly. Hair is common in vacuum cleaners if the homeowners have longer hair, or have pets that shed.

Pull the debris and hair out of the brushes and put it in the garbage can. You do not want to leave it on the floor for the vacuum to pick up again.

Inspect the vacuuming hose. Debris or hair in the hose may interfere with the vacuum's operation.

Locate the brush bar reset button on the side of the vacuum. Depending on the model, the reset button is either directly beside the brush bar or farther up the vacuum. Use a pen or pencil to push the reset button, as it is rather small.

Wait a few hours before using the Dyson vacuum. It can take up to a few hours for the vacuum to reset itself.

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